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Make a difference in your professional life. In the past few years thousands of new companies have been started to tackle climate change - from technology and innovation, to policy, advocacy, research, media, marketing, and beyond.

They need all kinds of roles and skill levels so even if you don't have a background in climate, that's okay! Climate is a relatively new industry and companies are looking for quality talent that can mold themselves into climate professionals.

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Explore Climate Jobs

Discover impactful jobs at the world's leading platform for climate jobs, talent, and community. Climatebase is the first hiring platform entirely focused on climate. Nearly 500k people have used Climatebase to discover and apply to over 30k jobs at over 3,000 climate tech companies and environmental nonprofits.

Find your climate job.

Visit is a company dedicated to "get 100 million people to work directly on climate in this decade".

Offerings include:

  • Courses. Plug your knowledge gaps in climate-specific topics like overviews on climate solutions, energy, and regenerative agriculture, or build job-specific skills through courses on climate for VC or software engineers.
  • Career Transition Help. Terra has built a job platform where you can connect directly with hiring managers, attend curated job fairs, and meet a professional community
  • Topic-Based Communities. Chat with people and leaders on topics that you're interested in or passionate about, such as Climate Politics, Transportation, Entrepreneurship, and more!
Visit Work On Climate

Work On Climate is an action-oriented Slack community for people serious about climate work. Find climate jobs. Build climate companies. Find your people.

Visit Climate Designers

Climate Designers is a community for designers.


Climate tech focused Slack community.

Visit Clean Creatives

A movement of advertisers, PR professionals, and their clients cutting ties with fossil fuels.

Visit Menus of Change

A professional community for food service professionals.

Visit Air Miners

AirMiners is the place for entrepreneurs, researchers, and funders mining carbon dioxide from the air.

Take The Climate Quiz

Discover how to get a climate job where you live. Plus, get your personal climate action plan!

Why It Matters

What you do and where you work matters. Climate is less an industry and more an economy-wide transformation. This means that there are climate jobs everywhere.

More Information

A few tips:

  1. Don't disqualify yourself. Even if the company prefers climate experience, you could still be a great fit! They need quality talent and will oftentimes still work with you if you show your passion.
  2. Know the ins and outs. Climate companies priorities candidates that align with their mission. Do your homework and understand as much about the industry as possible.
  3. Do not be your own worst critic. Do not let imposter syndrome dictate your search. Network and pave your unique path based on similar professional's experiences.
  4. Always be networking. The age-old adage of "it's not what you know, it's who you know" is true in climate too. Join every slack channel or fellowship you can. Use Twitter and LinkedIn to your advantage. Tell everyone you know you're looking for a job in climate.


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