Climate Life works with mission-driven organizations to promote and accelerate the adoption of climate solutions. To talk to someone on our partnerships team, you can email [email protected].

Who We Work With

We work with organizations that are building the solutions we need to reach zero carbon emissions. Here are the types of organizations we do and don’t work with:

We work with organizations that…

  • Build and sell products and services that help people live more sustainably
  • Incorporate climate action into both their internal operations and the products and services they sell
  • Are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

We DON’T work with organizations that…

  • Refute the science behind climate change
  • Aren’t committed to a just energy transition
  • Lobby against climate policy

We can reject sponsorships for any reason, including but not limited to quality, reputation, controversy, or legal grounds.

Types of Partnerships

Referral Program

Climate Life has built an audience of readers committed to taking climate action. Many of them read our content while looking for products and services that can help them live more sustainably.

We partner with companies and organizations we believe in to send high-quality leads and potential customers. The rate we charge for these referrals varies depending on the product and market.


Our audience takes our climate quiz and reads their associated solutions before they make purchases, ranging anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. We partner with companies to help promote climate solutions that can make our readers’ lives better.

Nothing is more important to us than building trust with our community and editorial honesty. When we promote sponsored content, we disclose the sponsor relationship to our audience.

Affiliate Links

After our editorial team writes about a given climate solution, we sometimes add affiliate links to the actions included in the solution.

This does not increase the price of the product to you, however, it is an important source of income for us as it enables us to generate the planet-saving actions that we share with our users.

These affiliate links do not affect our solutions in any way. In many cases we write about products that don’t have affiliate programs, because they are simply the best product, or because they can help our readers live more sustainably. In some cases we recommend that our readers don’t buy any product at all. This will never change.

Learn More

To learn more about how we partner with organizations, you can email [email protected].