Hello, I’m David Stack.

I created Climate Life.

What is Climate Life?

Climate Life is a place where everyday people can learn about climate change solutions that fit in with their life, and then easily take action.

These "climate doers", or climateurs, believe that taking action both as an individual and a collective yields the greatest impact.

I created Climate Life in February of 2022 with the input and feedback from some amazing people as part of the inaugural Climatebase Fellowship. It is entirely self-funded, and I continue to work on it in my spare time.

What makes someone a climateur?

You're a climateur if you've set out to take action on climate change in your personal life, work life, or community. Other than that, there are no requirements!

Climateurs are often younger, tech savvy, and progressive, but it's totally okay if you have more life experience, aren’t into tech, and are more moderate or conservative. At its core, global warming is not a political issue - it's a human issue.

What's the plan for Climate Life?

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked on climate change and Earth system science at NASA, Princeton, and other academic research institutions. I discovered that climate change is what I’m most passionate about, and I want to do whatever I can to help others take action for a better future.

My vision for Climate Life is to be a source of inspiration, education, and community for people who want to address climate change on a global scale, with the understanding that local action will be what gets us there.

Taking the time to act on climate change is hard as hell - especially with everything else going on in your life - but it's also tremendously fulfilling to know you’re making a difference! 🤗

How does Climate Life sustain itself?

In order to keep all of the content available for free and help pay for the servers and maintenance that keeps the site and community running, I've cultivated partnerships with mission-driven organizations and individuals. These partnerships help to promote and accelerate the adoption of climate solutions.

This means that organizations and companies can pay to have their products and services promoted on the website. This can take the form of sponsorships or affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and purchase an item, Climate Life may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Simply by using these links to make a purchase, you’re supporting this site!

Your personal data is not shared with any of our partners. You can learn more on the partnerships page.

How do I submit a new climate solution?

If you have a suggestion for a new climate solution, please submit it here or email it to [email protected].

Can you add feature XYZ?

Possibly! Feel free to contact me with your suggestions, and I'll be happy to talk them over with you in private.

What's the best way to contact you?

You can reach me by email at [email protected].

How was Climate Life built?

Climate Life is a Nuxt app that uses the Vuetify component framework for the UI. I do all the development and design.

On the back-end, I'm using Firebase for the database, user authentication, and hosting. I've also got a bunch of serverless functions and background tasks hosted on Google Cloud proper (Firebase is technically Google Cloud too). All the content is hosted with Sanity.

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