Electrify Your Clothes Drying

Medium Effort
Medium Cost
Medium Impact

If your lifestyle, the weather, or your homeowners association doesn’t let you line dry your clothes, opt for an electric dryer.

Compared to gas dryers, they’re typically cheaper to buy, cheaper to repair (less complicated), and safer (no carbon monoxide or gas leaks).

Remember, the goal is to eliminate your fossil fuel consumption, and an electric dryer or air drying are the only alternatives at this time.

Heat Pump Dryers

These are relative newcomers to the dryer scene, and use the latest heat pump technology to move heat vs create it.

Pros: ENERGY STAR's most efficient dryers. They use less than one quarter of the energy that a typical electric resistance or gas dryer uses. They work well in apartments and multi-family units because they do not need a vent.

Cons: Longer cycles and smaller drum size.

Electric Resistance Dryers

These are your standard electric dryers.

Pros: More affordable than gas and heat pump dryers.

Cons: Not as efficient as heat pump dryers.

Air Drying

Uses a clothesline, time, and fresh air to dry your clothes.

Pros: Most environmentally friendly, saves money, reduces wrinkles and creases, and increases the lifespan of your clothes (because they aren't being tossed around).

Cons: Dependent on the weather, takes more time, and requires a bit more effort.

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Tip: When washing your laundry, use cold water to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat up the water. Most of the time it will work just as well (hard to remove stains and disinfection are the exception). Even if you have an electric water heater instead of gas, this will still save you money by cutting down on your electric bill.


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