Electrify Your Cooking

Low Effort
Medium Cost
High Impact

There's a new technology on the block: induction cooking.

Induction stoves are NOT the same as conventional electric ranges. Induction uses magnetic fields to rapidly heat the cookware, instead of radiant heating coils, leading to more efficient heating and cooking.

Aside from avoiding the health dangers of cooking with natural gas, using induction cooking technology offers the following benefits:

  • Faster. Water can boil up to twice as fast as a gas range.
  • Safer. When there is no pan on it, the surface doesn’t get hot so it won't burn you. There is also no exposure to harmful gas fumes.
  • Fine control. Multiple power levels respond much faster when the temperature is changed.
  • Easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp towel.

Source: Rewiring America

Tip: If you plan to make the switch to induction, see if your cookware is induction ready by trying to stick a magnet to the bottom of the cookware. If it sticks, you're good. If not, you'll probably need some new pots and pans. Nearly all common stainless steel, cast-iron, and Dutch oven cookware will work.

If you're not ready to fully commit to an induction stove upgrade, there are many electric cooking appliances (air fryers, rice cookers, tea kettles, etc.) that are more affordable and offer an intermediate step without eliminating the gas stove completely.

Take Action

Shop Induction Hot Plates

If you’re unsure about the advantages of induction cooking, try it out for yourself! Portable induction hot plates are an affordable alternative to a full induction cooking stove or range. They’ll let you get a feel for induction cooking without going all in.

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Why It Matters

Besides causing climate change, cooking with natural gas can also bring negative health effects. You wouldn’t leave your car running in the garage because it can harm you and your family with carbon monoxide poisoning, but that’s essentially what you’re doing in your kitchen when you cook with natural gas. You're exposed to harmful fumes.

Consider This: The kitchen range is probably the most (emotionally) difficult appliance to replace. There is something primal about cooking over an open flame — and the aggressive marketing by the gas industry for decades has solidified this belief. In fact, Bob Hope and others popularized the catchphrase “now you’re cooking with gas!” in the 1930’s and 1940’s on behalf of marketers from the natural gas industry.

More Information

Recently released research from Stanford University finds that "the climate and health impacts of natural gas stoves are greater than previously thought." This study adds to growing reports on the dangers of cooking with gas. Induction stoves offer a more sustainable option.

Consider This: One big decision to make is whether you need knobs or are comfortable with digital controls - knobs only seem to come on the mid to high end models.


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