Electrify Your Water Heating

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Let's face it, water heaters are boring... until they break. When that time comes (or even better, before it breaks), upgrade your water heater to a modern heat pump model. They look just like conventional water heaters, but use much less energy. They, like their traditional counterparts, last 8-10 years.

When you’re searching for information, some manufacturer's will use the term “hybrid water heater” because its main source of heat is the heat pump, but it also has built-in electric resistance heating.

One of the choices you have to make when buying any water heater is the size of the tank. The larger the tank, the more hot water you have available (before the heating has to kick in). This is especially important for heat pump water heaters because they can use a backup electric resistance heating system (which is less energy efficient than the heat pump and will cost you more to use). Ideally, you'd want to use the heat pump all the time instead of the electric resistance heating element. The smaller the tank you buy, you run the risk of using some electric resistance heating. So if in doubt, opt for the larger tank.

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Outside of running a gasoline powered generator inside a house, this kind of water heater is probably the number one source of carbon monoxide in homes. Yes, the hot water is cheap, but how much is your health worth? Not having to worry about low-level carbon monoxide poisoning (or worse) brings a peace of mind that’s priceless.

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