Electrify Your Grilling

Low Effort
Medium Cost
Low Impact

While we usually associate grilling with an open fire, outdoor electric BBQ grills do exist (and can even be used indoors). Not only that, but they match the quality of cooked veggies and meat from a conventional grill too — though skill still plays an important part!

With an electric grill, there’s no unexpected flare ups that burn your food, they’re easy to clean, and they heat up quickly. You won’t find yourself running out to the store halfway through your cookout because you ran out of propane or charcoal (we’ve all been there).

You can also consider a solar grill, which use vacuum tubes to capture the energy and heat from the sun while acting as a perfect insulator to avoid heat loss. Given their unique design, they can grill, boil, or fry entire meals!

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Why It Matters

Burning things through combustion - be that natural gas, propane, charcoal, or wood - releases carbon dioxide and contributes to global warming. Because electric grills don't use combustion to work, they don't contribute to climate change.

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