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Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of action from our leaders to stop the climate crisis? There's something you can do about it!

The climate movement is made up of people all across the world working to pass climate policies, hold polluting corporations accountable, and envision a better future. By working for systemic change, the climate movement makes the kinds of individual choices that we suggest easier for everyone.

For example, it is easier to switch to clean electricity if that's what your state has made your utility company provide. Lower income people can afford electric cars if the government has invested to make them cheaper. And we can avoid cars altogether if city planners have made our communities walkable and bikeable!

Take Action

Visit On the Level

On the Level envisions a future where people and planet thrive together. To get there, the climate movement needs more people. They help connect people to the climate movement.

Sometimes the system is so big that is hard to know how to influence it. That's where On the Level's Climate Action Explorer can help you. They've collected information on US climate actions so that you don't have to!

Browse a map or take a quiz to find the perfect way to join other like-minded people advocating for systemic climate solutions based on your skills, interests, and location.

On the Level's Climate Action Explorer helps you find the perfect way to advocate for systemic solutions.

Submit A Solution To Climate Life

Do you have another idea about how to step into the climate movement? Submit it! Especially if it's a local product or service that can help others in your community.

Why It Matters

Individual action is good, but it will never be enough on it's own. With a global problem, we need global solutions. By joining others calling for change, you can help win big changes — like a world free from fossil fuels, massive investments in clean energy technology, and justice-focused efforts to alleviate the harm that the climate crisis is already causing.


"What can I do?" Anything. The battle for a livable future is a battle against fossil fuels. Right now, it's all hands on deck.HEATED
US and International Climate Justice Organizations The adverse impacts of a warming climate are not felt equitably among people. These are some organizations that you can join to help.

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