Electrify Your Vehicle

Medium Effort
High Cost
High Impact

Electrify your ride — or better yet, ditch the car altogether. E-bikes, telecommuting, ride-sharing, and delivery services have made living car free a realistic option in recent years. Especially if you live in a city or work remotely. The best part? You won't need to deal with parking anymore!

If you do need a car, get the smallest one you can. It'll be safer, more affordable, and less wasteful - even if it is an EV.

Many people still think that EVs are too expensive and impractical to make the switch from a gas car. While this was true a few years ago, things have changed! Not only are EVs super fun to drive, it's possible that you could save thousands with EV incentives, fuel, and maintenance.

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Discover how to electrify your vehicle where you live. Plus, get your personal climate action plan!

Why It Matters

Burning gasoline to get around releases carbon dioxide which warms the planet. Even if an electric vehicle is charged on a grid using fossil fuels, it’s a major reduction in emissions compared to filling up the tank with gasoline.

More Information

The number of electric car options has grown dramatically in recent years. Every major car manufacturer in America has an electric model now, and most are priced at, or below, gas cars. GM plans to make 30 new electric models by 2025, and there are now over 1 million all-electric vehicles on the road right now. According to the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, the auto industry’s main lobbying group, there are nearly 70 EV models available for purchase in the United States, including battery, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell electric vehicles.

Perhaps the hardest thing to believe about electric cars is that you’ll actually save thousands of dollars by owning one instead of a gas car (and that’s before tax incentives and rebates). This is mainly due to the dramatically lower cost of fuel and maintenance. Some estimates have calculated the total ownership savings to be $6,000 to $10,000 when compared to their gasoline counterparts. For luxury cars, the savings are even higher, coming in at over $17,000. Not bad for saving the planet, huh?


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